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Coffee Bean and mommy.

PS Did you guys vote again today? http://www.tinyurl.com/lseyn6 
So I posted Coffee Bean's pic in dog_lovers community and got a lot of Jack Russel Terrier responses in his mixed breed. So I'm posting the mom for more thoughts on what he could be......

Coffee Bean

they also estimated 15 pounds for his final weight. at four months he is only 6 pounds. i wonder how much bigger he will continue to grow.

my head hurts from browsing petfinder.com

i want one of these pups. she had 2 boys and  2 girls. they think the puppies are a chihuaha/daschund mix.

scott wants pumba because she is medium and her face is too cute.

or cupcake because autralian shepherds are smart dogs and jack russel terriers are super smart dogs. he thinks cupcake or her sister creampuff (not pictured) will be a really smart dog.

scott really wants a bigger dog. i am scared of big dogs. he almost rescued a south african boerboel mastiff. those dogs can get get up to 200 lbs. i dont want a pet that eats more than me. that just doesnt seem right.

as i continue to stare. cupcake seems awefully cute. i think ultimately the decision will be based on personality. i want a smart and slightly self sufficient dog who is not a barker.scott does have a swimming pool and a huge yard. maybe my choice of pup will get lost.

in my past life

i  must have been an amazing homemaker housewife with many little perfect kids.

because i can't seem to do that again this life.

my hairdresser friend cut my hair with a really bad pair of $6 hair scissors he had at the house. i can't wait for him to finish another day.

I am so proud of him!

 <3 Graduation starts at 9:30am in Inglewood tomorrow!

When friends come together

My friend's grandpa died. Her boyfriend texted me of his death. I tried calling her immediately and when the voicemail kicked in, I thought to myself... I am that friend. The friend who has actually met your grandpa. The friend who knows your grandma must be losing it. I was there when you announced your separation/divorce and introduced the new boyfriend....

Tomorrow is Scotty's graduation. I am so proud of him. He scored the 3rd highest in his class on his final. I don't know how but he did. 8 people failed but were given the opportunity to take a different final exam. Only 2 people failed both finals and will not graduate.

I am deleting my journal. I will be starting over.
they were supposed to fedex overnight an atm card for my dad which we never got. mom and i were on our southwest tour through arizona, new mex and utah. my mom's best friend lily came by the condo twice in search for the package but it never arrived.

bank of america stupidly mailed the atmcard to the wrong unit. instead of 13 it was mailed to 15. unit 15 happened to be out of town and fedex forwards their packages to the post office??? the poor gal got back, went to the post office??? to retrieve a fedex package that was never intended for her. my mom finally saw her and got the atm card. what a mess. no wonder my mom hates my dad. it is these inconveniences that make her life difficult thus allowing her to blame my father even if he has nothing to do with it.

excellent. i am going home. i have reduced my lj, twitter and facebook to 1 time per day for now. personal experiment to prove i really don't care what happens in the life of others. bye


I like how I am learning to use LJ all over again. I like how much time I am wasting trying to remember how things function in the world of LJ.
I know what I need to do. Stop watching Grey's Anatomy online. Stop updating Joe's website. Stop posting to LJ. Stop stop stop. Why do I always select non income producing tasks to waste my time on?

I need to get to work .

we decided to chop off our hair at a random hair salon. tina got a bob and i had like five inches cut off. next time it will be impulsive tattooing. not a good thing.